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Italian Food & Beverage Corp (IFBC) is an importer of fine food and beverages which are derived from the renowned Italian wine and food culture.
IFBC is now purveying a new energy drink (DINO), which is made in Italy. This delicious, healthful, energizing refresher is distinguished from its more well-known competitors by its decided non-metallic after taste, and its mere trace of unhealthy Taurine which is abundant in most other energy drinks. Currently, IFBC is gearing up for the future importation of fine Italian wine in cans, produced by the same Italian manufacturer as the (DINO)energy drink.
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Tenuta Casteani offers the opportunity to visit our cellar to discover the wine making process and taste the wine directly from where the vinification and refinement take place.

Upon reservation, we offer different packages and we can create new ones according to your taste and needs as well as the number of people.

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Energy Drink NEW

This reliable source of both the energy drink and the canned wines possesses the ability to produce approximately 60,000 cans per hour. Italian Food & Beverage Corp (IFBC) has been operating as an importer, exporter, merchant, distributor and dealer of fine wines, beverages and food products.

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