Dino Luzzi Energy Drink 24PACK Case of Cans


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Dino Luzzi Energy Drink 24PACK Case of Cans! MADE IN ITALY, we are one of Dino’s energy drink’s main distributors, comparable to RED BULL in taste, with more flavor, but only it’s A LOT healthier, and A LOT tastier product for everyone to enjoy!  The delicious and exhilarating refreshment is distinguished from its more well-known competitors by its decided non-metallic after taste. Dino Energy Drink also prides itself on its minimal use of the unhealthy additive taurine, which is overly abundant in almost all other energy drinks. Along with its distinguished health protocols, Dino Energy Drink is known for its delicious taste amongst sample trials, which has made it already begin growing in popularity. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES!!!


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